USMLE Step 1

Pass/Fail Course

Be ready on test day with HyGuru’s comprehensive USMLE Step 1 course. HyGuru’s learning and productivity strategies are your most efficient way to Step I mastery.

Learn. Integrate. Apply

Mapped to Step 1 Content Outline

When done in tandem with our free offerings, this course strategically addresses all of the most heavily tested subjects on Step 1

Content and Question Review at the Same Time

Do content review and Step 1 questions in addition to hundreds of active recall questions in every HyGuru lecture.

One Single Resource

This course is all you need. Stop reading and highlighting a million resources. Integrate medical content across organ systems and into practice questions right from the start.

Lectures focused on USMLE Preparation

HyGuru offers the most efficient resource for mastering the USMLE Step 1. In this carefully constructed course, you’ll review all the necessary content while doing practice questions. Integrating material across organ systems, learning clinical applications, and optimizing memory through active recall is the most effective way to excel on Step 1.

No more rote memorization – optimize your understanding

Learning the clinical application of medical facts is critical to success on Step 1 and as a doctor. With Rahul, you’ll learn pathology, biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology but in an integrated manner. You’ll appreciate the interconnectedness and practical application of these disciplines right from the beginning.

Think like the test maker

Rahul takes you into the head of the test maker early and often by presenting material as it appears within real Step 1 questions. By doing hundreds of USMLE questions within Rahul’s lectures, you’ll learn common testing patterns and question structures all while mastering content. By test day, you’ll be Thinking like the Test Maker.

Components of this course include:

Organs Systems Rapid Review & NBME Top Concepts

All of the isolated facts from First Aid’s Rapid Review presented in an integrated, organ systems based, active recall method; a bonus section on the most commonly tested clinical triads; and a FREE course covering Top NBME Concepts.


Top concepts across all organ systems from BRS Costanzo, integrated and presented in active recall manner.


Lectures take you beyond drug memorization to understanding the mechanism of action and target pathophysiology as well as clinical application.


General pathology concepts from Pathoma chapters 1-3 applied clinically and across organ systems.

Biochemical Pathways & Metabolism

High yield lectures dedicated to metabolic pathways and their most common clinical applications.

100 Concepts in Gross Anatomy

Most easily and frequently forgotten section of medical education re-presented in a clinically integrated format. 100 of the highest yield anatomy concepts and their clinical correlates.

Ethics & Physician Communication

Lectures dedicated to reflect Oct/Nov 2020 changes to the USMLE.

Your Teacher

Dr. Rahul Damania

Dr. Rahul Damania, fiery and infectious, taught his first USMLE course while still in medical school and has accrued many teaching accolades since then. A born educator and motivator, Rahul continues to augment his educational portfolio through old-school hard work and an authentic pledge to his students' success. Currently a PICU fellow working about 80 hours per week, Rahul humbly recognizes that his credibility as a teacher is forever rooted in an enduring willingness to listen to and learn from his patients.

Rahul, who himself scored above the 90th percentile on Step I and II, has over 3000 hours of USMLE teaching experience. Students working with Rahul average a 20-point increase on their exam. This year alone, he has had multiple students who initially scored sub-200 experience an increase to 230+. He has held multiple comprehensive USMLE courses at top tier medical schools in the Midwest.

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