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Traditional USMLE Lectures

About HyGuru

HyGuru uses evidence-based educational techniques to prepare you efficiently for the USMLE. Mapped to USMLE content outline, we comprehensively cover the highest-yield USMLE material in an integrative, active-recall manner to help you achieve mastery, rather than just fluency, of concepts. Through test-taking strategies and study tips, we teach you how to approach question blocks as well as how to tackle specific question types. Our offerings are designed to get you to 'think-like-the-test-maker' in order to optimize your performance on exam day.

USMLE Step 1

Pass/Fail Course

  • Comprehensive USMLE Step 1 study source
  • Mapped to the USMLE content outline
  • Pathophysiology, physiology, & pharmacology integrated with immunology and biochemistry for each organ system
  • Mapped to the relevant UW questions
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USMLE Step 1 & USMLE Step 2 CK

Test Taking Strategies

  • Learn study organization, productivity, and targeted test-taking strategies
  • Customizable study calendar on HyGuru’s Notion template
  • Strategy for reviewing UW question blocks and specific question types
  • How to plan, prepare, and execute on test day
  • Like preparing with Rahul at your side
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USMLE Step 1

NBME Top Concepts Notes

  • Follow the free NBME Top Concepts Course lectures
  • Bonus high-yield images
  • Use the notes for independent study
  • Review hundreds of images and active-recall questions
  • Available as a book ($75) or PDF ($55)
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USMLE Step 1

NBME Top Concepts Course

  • Review pathophysiology and high-yield images
  • Cover hundreds of NBME-style questions and high-yield images
  • Follow along using the NBME Top Concepts (USMLE Step 1) Notes
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Video Run Time

USMLE Subjects

Mapped UW Questions


High Yield Images for the USMLE

Quizlet Cards

NBME Top Concepts

14 Hours


HyGuru Pass Fail Course

66 Hours



Shelf & Step 2 CK Rapid Review Course

  • Focus on synthesizing clinical concepts & incorporating test taking skills.
  • Go through all the clerkships in an active-recall, vignette-based manner.
  • Develop a framework to approach 'Next Best Step' questions with ease.
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